Welcome to Value Foam Inc., your top tier medical grade foam supplier! 

Value Foam Inc. is a company that specializes in top-tier medical foam manufacturing and distribution; We are committed to offering quality medical grade foam materials to healthcare professionals in Orthopedic, orthotic, prosthetic as well as pedorthic arena. Our most popular fabric laminated enhanced SBR TOPPER® has a directional bias of the engineered fabric component built into every sheet of material. In one direction the feel will be smoother, in the other it will have a little more traction, You and your patients will feel the difference. Using TOPPER® to give your patient / client the best outcome; With TOPPER® you have choices for increased stability and comfort!

The company offers varieties of foam materials that includes EVAs, SBR foam, closed-cell Zotes, laminated sheets and MOLDABLE EVA-Cork in different Shore A measures and thickness. These foam materials feature greater durability, bottom-out integrity, temperature resistance and molda-bility. Value Foam products are ideal for reducing shear forces, providing better cushioning and positioning.

Value Foam is proud to present to you our TOPPER® TECH and how theTOPPER® material’s directional bias works in many orthotic devices as top cover; It is the most popular product line that is widely used in many fabrication labs.

Performance and comfort, Value Foam medical foam will make everyday feel like the weekends!