Using TOPPER® to give your patient / client the best outcome; With TOPPER® you have choices for increased stability and comfort!

TOPPER® has a directional bias of the engineered fabric component built into every sheet of material. In one direction the feel will be smoother, in the other it will have a little more traction, you and your patients will feel the difference.

Heel2toe directional
For increased medial lateral stability, align the bias from the heel to the toes. This will increase stability for court and action sports.This alignment is also best for Diabetic or Neuropathic patients as it provides the best reduction of shear.

Medial2Lateral Directional

To provide increased stability during traction events (each stride rollover in a runners gait), align the bias medial to lateral.

diagonal Directional

For cross trainers and other all-sport applications, align the bias at a 45° angle for best all around stability.

For your patients needing the best comfort in an everyday application, use the heel to toe bias alignment.